Endometriosis is not a death sentence!  You can have a normal life; you can have normal relationships, you can have children; you can live a life with normal periods; you can live the life you want.   I struggled with diets, medications, supplements, surgeries and hormones.  I am here to share my experience and expertise.  It is my plan that with my help, you won’t have to.

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I am a wife. I am a mother. I am an educator. I am a pharmacist.

I am a woman who has struggled with endometriosis and ended it with alternative treatments.

After being diagnosed with endometriosis days after my 16th birthday, I suffered for the next 5 years with endometriosis and the repercussions of taking hormones, both synthetic and bio-identical.  I had 2 surgeries 3 months apart; I had two different doctors look me in the eye while I was writhing in pain and say, “I will not do a 3rd surgery for you.” I desperately wanted someone to give me the GIFT of being pain free by waving a magic wand, but that did not exist.

I had to figure out a way to end my endometriosis on my own.  I learned about the role of diet and how some foods are inflammatory to our bodies (or change to “some foods that are problematic for women with endometriosis”).  I discovered the power of supplements and how they could lower inflammation in my body so I could start healing.  I found out I had an estrogen dominance issue which promoted the growth of endometriosis and inflammation.  I uncovered the role that my genetics played in pre-disposing me to endometriosis.

I am here to share all these stories and experiences with you.  I am here to share my journey of living with endometriosis and finally ending endometriosis: from the perspective of a pharmacist, patient, wife and mother. I am here to give you the GIFT of being free from inflammation and ending your endometriosis.

This website is for you.  Let me know how I can help you.  Do you have questions about new medications?  Do you have questions about supplements?  Do you have a new diet you are curious about trying? Send me an email! I am here to help and guide you through the pain of endometriosis and help bring you to the other side where you can live a pain-free life that is a fulfilled life.  While you are at it, give yourself the GIFT.  You owe it to yourself to be free of endometriosis!